3 Major Anti-Bullying Websites for Kids

Bullying can negatively affect a kid’s life in so many ways. It can make them feel sick, depressed; make them lose sleep and their appetite; it can even make children skip school.

In worst case scenarios bullying can cause a child to run away from home, or maybe commit suicide. Since a student’s physical and emotional safety is at risk, many anti-bullying websites for kids are taking strong action against this cruel and vicious act.

Here are 3 anti bullying websites for kids that present you with everything you want to know about bullying:

1. www.stopbullying.gov

From web episodes to children’s games, a video toolkit, video workshops, activities guide, to so much more, this website has anti-bullying information in both English and Spanish for adults.

Kids from ages 9-13 can learn tips and facts to help them understand, tackle and prevent bullying. The website also has intervention and/or prevention strategies for parents, teachers, school staff, and all safety professionals.

2. www.bullying.org

It has a multitude of resources, education and training material, as well as events and campaigns for all organizations and individuals bent on taking a stand against bullying. This site also teaches you how to respond to bullying and prevent it.

3. actagainstviolence.apa.org

You can find audio and video anti-bullying training material here which parents and other concerned adults can utilize to teach kids up to 8 years old about bullying in a nonviolent way. This anti-bullying site also has an extensive searchable database of books, magazines and articles that talk about violence prevention for young kids.